Crescent Shell Inc. Gas Prices.

Regular Unleaded: $2.999
Plus: $3.199
VPower: $3.399
Auto Diesel: $2.899
(Prices Subject To Change Without Notice)

Mill Town Espresso:
Get Your Morning Coffee and Afternoon Hot Summer Iced Drinks at Milltown Espresso near the south end of our parking lot.

chipsFood Mart:
Our Food Mart is stocked with the usual items you find in many other Food Marts. We also carry local Dairy products from Eberhards. A selection of Fruits & Vegetables such as Bananas, Apples, Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Tomatoes, Lemons, Limes and more.

You can also find a selection of Meats such as Ground Beef, Ground Sausage, Cheddar Dogs and a variety of Lunch Meats. We also have on hand Healthy Snacks such as, Trail Mix’s, Granola Bars and more for people on the go. We also carry Canned Goods, Baking Goods, Soups, Stews, Pasta, and more. Our prices are comparable (in most cases lower) to larger size stores. Compare the cost of driving to La Pine or Bend for groceries and you’ll find you save money by shopping at Crescent Shell Food Mart. Don’t forget to download and print your free Shopping List here

Don’t miss out on our 2 Hot Biscuits & Gravy breakfast. At $1.95, you can’t go wrong. Lunch at our store brings a special treat with Hot 1/4lb Kielbasa Dogs at $1.95 each with all the fixn’s including a huge Hoagie bun to pile high all the goodies e.g., shredded cheese, chopped onions, sauerkraut, jalapenos and more.

On a budget? Grab our hottest deal of the day. Get a regular hot dog for a buck, or get two regular dogs for a buck and a half. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening:


Chainsaw Chain Sharpening
(Large Chains, Gullets and Raker’s Extra)
Please remove the chain from the saw before bringing it in for sharpening

Since we’ve opened we’ve been sharpening chains for all types of chainsaws. We also make new chains for most all types of chain saws. We’ll also order parts for your chain saw. Stop in and talk with Jeff Monday through Wednesday for all your chain saw needs

Movies Movies Movies
movies-movies-moviesMovie Rentals & Sales
We’ve Got The Movies You Want To See
Rental Rates 1 for $3.00 – 2 for $5.00 – Return by 6:00pm
No Reservations on Movies. First Come First Served.
We also sell used pre-viewed  movies.
Stop by and check out our selection of Great Rental Movies & Movies for Sale.

Classical Gas:

01Take a step back in time to a place we know you’ll love. Its a time when gas prices were .15 to .20 cents per gallon. Hamburgers were .10 cents and a soda was .05 cents. A Moon Pie cost you .05 cents and the Juke Box was 10 plays for a dime. Take a little time away from it all and remember a time almost forgotten. Click here to visit our Classical Gas page and take a walk back in time.