Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Saving Tips

FUEL SAVING TIPSSpeeding will (if your lucky) get you to your destination faster, but you’re burning additional fuel and robbing you’re vehicle of its Maximum fuel mileage potential.

Don’t drive irratically. Quick Braking & Quick Acceleration wastes fuel.

Other than at Stop Signs and Stop Lights don’t let your engine idle for long periods of time. Idling more than a minute takes more fuel than restarting the engine.

Avoid carrying unnecessary weight in your Vehicle.

Get tuneups at regularly scheduled Maintenance times. Make sure to change oil, oil filters and fuel filters on schedule. Maintenance plays a big roll in better fuel economy.

Check your tire pressure. Under inflated tires create drag and will decrease your vehicle gas mileage. Low tire pressure also makes for unsafe driving. Make sure to check your tire pressure. Moving from season to season your tires could lose pressure. In colder weather the pressure in your tires will decrease causing additional fuel consumption and excessive tire wear. The same goes for summer. When temperatures rise above normal tire pressure will increase due to heat causing uneven excessive wear on tires and additional fuel consumption. Our suggestion, check tire pressure at least once every two weeks in adverse hot or extreme cold weather.

Buy a Fuel-Efficient vehicle. Trading in your gas guzzler for a car that gets 20+ MPG City and 25 to 30 MPG Highway can save many dollars per year in fuel.

If possible drive less. Walking or Rididng a Bicycle can save gas and cash, plus as an added bonus will help you stay in better shape.

Always plan your journey so you avoid congested areas, road working areas and getting lost. Avoid heavy traffic routes and use a GPS Navigating System when you are unsure of your route.

Check traffic maps from Google or ODOT Live Cams before you drive at https://www.TripCheck.com. (Checkout ODOT Traffic Cams Below)

Share Driving with Family or a Friend. Set up a carpool with someone who lives nearby to save fuel.

You can also use Shell Reward Cards to save on the pocket book. Take advantage of discounts available at Crescent Shell. Stop by and pickup Rewards Card applications and start saving today.

Save Fuel, Drive Safely and Efficiently

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