Treat Yourself Tonight Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Filet Mignon. Melt in your Mouth FANTASTIC!

Want to treat yourself to a meal you wont soon forget?

Why not go to the store and purchase a One (1) pound A5 grade Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak and share it for dinner. Wagyu is best served as rare as possible, although cooking Wagyu to medium or even medium well will result in a superior and still quite juicy steak, serving it up as Rare as possible is the preferred method. Pronounced wah-gyoo, not wah-goo.

You might need to save up a little extra cash for this meal. The result of Wagyu Beef is a rich, luscious cut of beef that practically dissolves once it hits your tongue. Japanese Wagyu is known to have very fine marbling. Japanese Wagyu is graded by how much meat comes from the cow. Grade A means a high yield of usable meat, Grade B means an average yield, and Grade C means a low yield of usable meat. Each grade is then numbered 1 through 5 (3 being average and 5 being superior) to indicate how evenly the intermuscular fat is distributed, the color of the meat, and the quality of the fat. A pound of Wagyu Beef can easily run in the triple-digits $$$.

Japanese Black cattle of the Tajima strain on a farm in northern Hyōgo Prefecture.

Wagyu isn’t a blanket term for just any Japanese cow. The luxury version of wagyu we all want on our plate and our palat refers to a specific breed of Japanese cattle with special genetic qualities. There are four breeds native to Japan. Of those four breeds, one of the breeds is genetically unique, Heitzeberg says. “It has a genetic predisposition to create this crazy marbling of fat on inside of muscle tissue. No other livestock does that.” Think of your average piece of steak. Chances are, it’ll have a fat cap on its outside. With wagyu, the cow metabolizes the fat internally, so it’s integrated within the muscle.

Bring home Wagyu Beef for dinner, or ask your sweetheart to take you out for a Japanese dinner tonight. Won’t they be surprised when the bill for the meal comes to the table. Keep in mind, going to a restaurant that serves Wagyu Beef will cost more than buying it at your local butcher shop. You simply have to try Wagyu Beef at least once in your lifetime. Why not make today that once in your lifetime day.